2017-2018 Mentor Us Program Evaluation       Mentor Year End Survey

NOTE: This evaluation form is for MENTORS only. If you are a mentee please complete the mentee application found here

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the year-end survey. We anticipate it will take 10-15 min to complete. Your responses help us to make the program better! The survey starts with some brief demographics, then asks questions about academic and personal skill development, moves on to questions about the mentoring relationship, the contributions of Mentor Us to the larger graduate school community, and finally ends with questions about community participation.

I heard about Mentor Us via: *
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I am in the: *
This is my ____ year with Mentor Us *
What strategies would you prefer Mentor Us use to encourage attendance at community events? *
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Since starting graduate school, my self-confidence has improved. *
Mentor Us has helped to increase my confidence in graduate school. *
My relationship with my mentee has helped to develop my interpersonal and professional skills. *
My mentorship relationship has improved my graduate school experience. *
To what extent was your mentorship pair guided by the Mentor Us Welcome Package? (The booklet we sent out with recruitment) *
The Mentor Us Welcome Package and website resources were helpful. *
My mentee was a good match for me. *
My mentor/mentee relationship has met my expectations. *
My mentorship relationship has signifcantly contributed to my academic success in graduate school. *
I feel connected to the nursing graduate student community. *
Is feeling connected to other students important to your experience as a nursing graduate student? *
Mentor Us has made me feel a part of a community in graduate school. *
The community events (coffee, brunch or hockey game) were beneficial community building events. *
The community events (coffee, brunch or hockey game) hosted by Mentor Us contributed to my success in graduate school. *
Mentor Us is an effective way to increase social connection in nursing graduate school. *
I feel supported in navigating graduating school from senior students. *
Mentor Us has helped me to develop the following skills: *
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Did you attend Mentor Us training? *
I would participate in Mentor Us next year. *
I would be more willing to participate in Mentor Us if its counted towards my Professional Development hours. *
I would recommend Mentor Us to new students. *
How satisfied are you with your overall Mentor Us experience? *
The Mentor Us program may pursue the development of publications based on your experiences in this program. Do you consent to the use of your feedback from this evaluation? *

**Please note: The Mentor Us leadership team is committed to addressing concerns and ideas of its members. If you would like the leadership team to be able to follow up with you individually please email mentorus@ualberta.ca as this survey is confidential.**


Thank you for your time and participation!