Oil Kings Hockey Game!

Please join us at our next Mentor Us event - an Oil Kings Hockey Game! The game is Saturday, February 10th @ 1330 at Rogers Place. We would like to invite all FoN Graduate Nursing students and their families.  Mentor Us will be subsidising tickets to make it more affordable. The cost will be only $10 per ticket.  We will head to Denizen Hall afterwards for some food. 

Money (cash only) and RSVP can be made in person to Alyson or Kaitlyn:

  • Tuesday, January 16th 12:30-4:00pm ECHA 5-106A
  • Wednesday, January 17th 10:30-4:00pm ECHA 5-106A
  • Thursday, January 18th 12:00-4:00pm ECHA 5-190B
  • Monday, January 22nd, 12:30-4:00pm ECHA 5-106A
  • Tuesday, January 24th, 12:30-4:00pm ECHA 5-106A
  • Wednesday, January 24th, 10:00-4:00pm ECHA 5-190B

We will distribute the tickets to participants prior to the event. 

We look forward to seeing everyone!