2016/2017 Leadership Team

                        (From left to right) Nicole Bownes, Jennifer Bell, Rhea Van Raay, Jennifer Hermann

                        (From left to right) Nicole Bownes, Jennifer Bell, Rhea Van Raay, Jennifer Hermann




I am currently in my second year of the leadership stream in the Master of Nursing program and am excited to be working on a thesis that combines my interests in public health and health equity. I have worked in Public Health on the Healthy Young Families team for nearly 5 years. When I’m not in school or working you might find me playing rec sports (emphasis on the rec), travelling, camping, reading, or just hanging out with my family and friends. I value mentorship as I experienced the support and value of mentorship as a new nursing graduate. I really look forward to chatting with you this upcoming year! 

Jennifer Bell

I am entering my fourth year of the PhD program at the University of Alberta. My clinical areas of interest have varied over the years but the main focus has been critical care nursing. My research areas are primarily focused on the social determinants of health, socially vulnerable populations and the influence of language on these populations. I run a Global Reading Group and help to organize and run a writing group in the Faculty of Nursing. This year I am excited to be a co-director for MENTOR US and look forward to helping the program grow!  Mentorship has been extremely valuable in my graduate program because we all need someone who has ‘been there’ to help us understand and navigate unfamiliar systems. I fill my spare time practicing yoga, running, spending time with my family and travelling as much as my bank account (and school schedule) will allow!

Executive Members

nicole bownes

I am a first year student in the teaching stream, returning to the U of A after 22 years, having graduated with my BScN in 1994.  Most of my nursing career was spent in Home Care in Edmonton, but has wondered off from front-line nursing a few times.  I worked for United Nurses of Alberta in labour relations for five years and manage political campaigns.  I am passionate about nurses supporting each other to create a better culture in nursing.  I live in Pleasant View, near Southgate Mall, with my husband Mike and our dog, Houston.



rhea van raay

I am currently in my first year of the course-based Adult Focus Nurse Practitioner stream and excited to be part of the Mentor Us Leadership Team for 2016-2018. I was very fortunate to receive great mentorship when I first graduated and realize how much it helps in professional and social development. I have a background in critical care (PACU/ICU) and surgical nursing and could not tell you my preference. Outside of school you might find me running or travelling. I also recently began learning CrossFit and turns out I really enjoy it! I look forward to meeting you.


2015/2016 Leadership Team

                       (From left to right) Jennifer Bell, Jennifer Hermann, Amanda Klooster, Nichole Marks

                       (From left to right) Jennifer Bell, Jennifer Hermann, Amanda Klooster, Nichole Marks

Nichole Marks & Amanda Klooster

Executive Members
Jennifer Bell & Jennifer Hermann


2014/2015 Leadership Team

Allison Norris

PR Team
 Lianne McLean & Allison Norris

Resource Team
Nichole Marks & Kimberly Hodge

Website and Evaluations Team
Susan Labonte & Christine Howell

Special Interest Team
Nasreen Lalani & Sarah Cooper