Who is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and thoughtful leader who is committed to investing one’s time to assist in the growth and development of others.  The mentor is willing to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom and act as a guide and role model.

A mentor supports and encourages the professional development of the mentee and provides active guidance to help them achieve their goals. The mentor offers a fresh perspective and an independent point of view, while guiding a process that fosters the growth and educational development of the mentee.

What Does a Mentor Do?

As an experienced graduate student, mentors will have the opportunity to guide the development of incoming students who have been accepted into the Faculty of Nursing graduate programs.

Acknowledging that each mentoring relationship is unique, the mentor will:

  • Help build rapport each time he or she meets with a mentee
  • Ask open-ended “how” and “what” questions with a mentee
  • Challenge and/or encourage a mentee depending on what the situation requires
  • Offer opportunities to problem solve and exchange ideas
  • Provide feedback that is honest, open and positive 
  • Take a genuine interest in helping the mentee succeed 
  • Present opportunities to the mentee may not have recognized on his/her own
  • Provide suggestions to the best of one’s knowledge that help the mentee reach their goals

Benefits to Mentors

  • Providing mentorship is an opportunity to build leadership and management skills
  • Providing mentorship can offer lasting career networks
  • Mentorship can provide mentors the satisfaction of sharing their own personal wisdom with others 
  • Mentorship can provide a reciprocal learning relationship. You may learn just as much from your mentee as your mentee will learn from you!
  • Mentorship offers an opportunity to enhance your personal CV and become involved within the Faculty of Nursing
  • Providing mentorship offers the mentor an opportunity to reflect upon their own journey through academia and professional experiences
  • Mentorship can lead to the development of lifelong friendships

Expectations of Mentors

  • A commitment to the importance of the mentoring relationship and a willingness to treat it as a priority
  • A minimum investment of 1 meetings per academic semester (Fall and Winter)
  • A commitment to regular communications and interactions, agreed upon in advance
  • Maintaining confidentiality and terms outlined in the mentorship agreement
  • Willingness to participate in any evaluations of the mentorship program
  • A commitment to positivity and encouragement throughout the mentorship process
  • An understanding that the mentorship relationship is not a tutoring service, however if the mentee needs support with practical work, the mentor can help the mentee find a tutor
  • Will contact the Mentor Us leadership team if the match is not appropriate or if the mentor is unable to reach the mentee


CREDIT: Adapted from ECO Canada Mentorship Package

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