MENTOR PROFILES                 2017/2018 Academic Year


I am a PhD Candidate in the final year of the program. I am married and have got two teenage boys. My thesis is regarding spirituality at the end of life. My areas of interests are nursing practice, palliative and mental health. Besides studies I am also involved in various community activities and also an active member of Sigma Chapter, University of Alberta. I love to make friends, travel, and socialize with others.


 I started graduate school in the Fall of 2012 after working as an RN in pediatrics for about four years. I entered as an MN student in the leadership stream and decided to pursue an MN-bypass after my first year of coursework. I am now well into my Ph.D. program! For my dissertation, I am examining the concept of choice in contemporary continuing care policy in Alberta. Outside of my studies I still work casually at the Stollery Children's Hospital and am a member of several committees at CARNA. I've been married for a couple of years and have two fur babies-my cats Oscar and Sophie.


My name is Morgan Wadams and I am currently enrolled in the first year of the PhD program. I completed my first year of the Masters of Nursing program and transferred into the MN Bypass program. I am excited to be going into a role as a mentor this year and being able to share my past experiences!


I am a Registered Nurse/Midwife and from Regina Saskatchewan. Mother of three (two boys and a girl) and full time student.


My name is Kulpreet Sandhu and I am in the Nurse Practitioner program completing a capstone project. I am completing the program part time while working part time and balancing time with my children. My clinical background is in medicine and acute stroke. I look forward to being able to guide someone and share my experiences of how to balance work, studies and life. 


I am a passionate nurse who enjoys networking and mentoring. My full-time job is as a faculty member teaching theory, clinical and lab courses for the University of Lethbridge and as a part-time Pediatrics nurse. My clinical background consists of nursing in Ontario, BC and Alberta in the areas of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant, Camp Nursing, and Women's Oncology and Gynecology/Postpartum. 

My academic background consists of a Master of Science in Nursing thesis stream through Trinity Western University with a focus in Education and Leadership, an Instructional Certificate in Teaching and Learning through Lethbridge College and a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing through the University of Ottawa. Presently I am completing my PhD in Nursing through distance-delivery with Dr. Sandra Davidson. 

I enjoy spending time with my husband (Rob), dog (Snickers), and cat (Marmalade), family and close friends. We are expecting our first baby this fall. I love hiking and camping in the mountains. I am a thoughtful listener and eternal optimist and look forward to building a mentorship relationship with you.


I am in the 2nd year of the PhD Bypass Program, in the leadership stream. I've worked research for a few years on projects related to leadership and older persons' care. My clinical background is in Emergency, Mental Health and Continuing Care settings. Being active in the graduate and academic community has created a great support system for me - I value positive relationships and making time for self-care!


Hi my name is Rachel, I am Irish, I am a nurse I am a PhD Candidate and I have been living in Canada since 2012. My career focus is healthcare improvement. My research interests are the sustainability of micro and macro level healthcare improvements and understanding how, why, for whom and in what contexts improvements sustain or not. My aim is to translate this evidence to practice in an effort to bring about sustainable changes that improve patient care, healthcare systems and processes. Dr. Shannon Scott is my doctoral supervisor. For the past 4 years I have worked as a research assistant for Dr. Scott, gaining rich research experience in the field of Knowledge Translation. I love to travel and embark on new experiences. I am outgoing and sociable. I am really enjoying the PHD program and engaging in every learning opportunity that it brings. I look forward to being a mentor.


I am Jordanian, and I graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology (Irbid, Jordan) in 2010 with a bachelor degree in nursing. My clinical background is varied. My first job was a registered nurse in a Hematology unit at Jordan University Hospital for one year. in 2014, I moved to Qatar where I got my first job outside my home country in Medical and Long Term Care unit at Hamad Medical Corporation (One of the biggest medical corporation in middle-east). Currently, I am in my second year of the leadership stream in the Master of Nursing program at the University of Alberta. I enjoy plenty of activities in my free time such as walking, playing soccer, playing Chess, Volunteering, and cooking.


 Hi! My name is Sehrish Punjani, originally from Karachi, Pakistan. I’m a 2nd year MN student doing major in Teaching and Learning. My area of interest is in Sexual and Reproductive Health. I’ve been working as Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) since September 2016 at University of Alberta (U of A). Additionally, I’m a Coauthor with Dr. Donna Wilson for the article entitled Understanding the Impact of Bereavement Grief on Work, Careers, and the Workplace. Also, did a poster presentation entitled “A Call to Leadership” at the 9th Annual Dr. OliveYonge Teaching and Learning Scholarship Day. Currently, I’m a Subcommitee member of Sexual Assallt Response Implementaion Committee (SARIC) at U of A. 

Academically, I have done my Diploma in Nursing, Post RN BSN, and Diploma in Midwifery from Karachi, Pakistan. I have received various international awards and scholarships on the basis of my academic excellence, strong leadership, and voluntary services. Besides this, my professional work experience has been in an inpatient hospital setting in Cardio-Pulmonary and Intensive Care Unit. To date I have worked as a Registered Nurse, Assistant Head Nurse and Nurse Instructor in Cardio-Pulmonary Intensive Care Unit. 

Apart from my academic and work life, my interests lie in fitness, traveling, music, fashion designing, technology, photography, and sports. I also enjoy socializing and participating in volunteer initiatives.


My name is Jamie Mergaert and I going into my second year of the NP-adult stream. I work casual at the U of A in emergency psychiatry and am also a certified yoga instructor. I hope to work at an inner city medical clinic after completing the program. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, biking, snowboarding and going out to the lake.




I am just starting my first year of my PhD program and am excited to see where it takes me. My research will look at moral distress and how we should teach this topic to nursing students. I just finished my MN in leadership in the spring and have enjoyed a relaxing summer. I work part time as a research associate in the Faculty of Medicine and casual as a RN in outpatient neurology. I love being active outside and spend a lot of time with my two German Shepherds.


Critical care background (6 years + of ER/trauma nursing experience)
Interested in fitness - I love barre and yoga classes!

I love to travel and am always planning my next vacation. In 2013, I worked as a RN in sydney, australia. My favourite country that I have visited is bali :) In the summer, my hobbies include going to outdoor music festivals, camping, and being near any body of water! In the winter, I enjoy skating, skiing in the mountains, and lots of hot yoga!



Hi! I'm Alyson, and will be starting my first year of the PhD program as an MN by-pass student in September 2017. I am originally from Prince Edward Island, and graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with my BScN in 2015. I started my career in maternal-child care, with a primary position in acute care pediatrics. After a little over a year of full-time nursing practice, I decided to come back to school as a Master of Nursing student here at the University of Alberta. I then made the decision to do the MN by-pass option, and am so excited to be starting my PhD! In addition to grad studies, I also work casually on the pediatric medicine units at the Stollery Children's Hospital here in Edmonton.

I have only lived in Edmonton for a year, but am enjoying every minute of it. I have managed to make some lasting friendships here and am enjoying everything the city has to offer. When i'm not doing work or school, you can probably find me in the mountains, hiking through the river valley, petting someone else's dog, or somewhere that serves a cold drink or a hot coffee!


Stephanie is a PhD student with Dr. Carole Estabrooks at the University of Alberta. Stephanie currently works with the Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC), a program of research that focuses on improving the quality of care provided to nursing home residents, enriching the work life of their caregivers, and enhancing system efficiency. Before coming to TREC she was a research coordinator at the Bruyère Research Institute (Ottawa, ON) and at the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging (Halifax, NS). Ms Chamberlain’s research focuses on social isolation, knowledge translation, and quality of care in nursing homes. Her PhD work will document the prevalence, health outcomes, and unmet care needs of unbefriended residents in Alberta nursing homes. Stephanie is currently the President of the Canadian Association on Gerontology Student Association.



 My name is Maya, and I am a PhD student at the U of A! I started in the MN stream in 2015, bypassed in 2016, and just finished my first year of this program. I was born and raised in Edmonton, and I work in ER on a casual basis.


My name is Harkeert Judge and I was born and raised in Edmonton. I am in the MN bypass program and hoping to complete my PhD in nursing over the next 5 years. My hobbies include playing soccer and practicing yoga. I enjoy going out to eat and trying different foods!


 I am employed with the Edmonton West Primary Care Network as a primary care RN and Certified Diabetes Educator.
I am married and have two large rescue dogs from SCARS.


I am a 2nd year NP student in the adult general stream. I have worked ICU, CICU and as a clinical nurse educator for 5 years prior to returning to school to complete my masters. I am recently married and my husband lives in Red Deer therefore I travel between Edmonton and Red Deer for school.


I am entering my fifth year of the PhD program at the University of Alberta. My clinical areas of interest have varied over the years but the main focus has been critical care nursing. My research areas are primarily focused on the social determinants of health, socially vulnerable populations and the influence of language on these populations. Specifically, my research focuses on critical policy analysis of the National Housing Strategy. Mentorship has been extremely valuable in my graduate program because we all need someone who has ‘been there’ to help us understand and navigate unfamiliar systems. I fill my spare time practicing yoga, running, spending time with my family and travelling as much as my bank account (and school schedule) will allow!


I am Shela Hirani from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a full time PhD student at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing. My area of focus is "Lactation" and "Early Child Development". I have more than 25 publications in the refereed journals, and have received various international awards on the basis of my academic excellence, strong leadership, voluntary services and research potentials. I have vast experience of teaching Pediatric Health Nursing and Research course at the Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan. I am also an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and on voluntary basis I have been involved in promoting, supporting and protecting breastfeeding practices of lactating mothers. In my professional career, I have served as President of Rho Delta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International: An Honor Society of Nursing, and have represented at various national and international academic committees. I am friendly, hardworking and detail oriented person.


Hi! I’m Amanda and I am an Adult NP currently working in Neurosurgery at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.  I graduated from the Adult NP (Capstone) program in 2016.  This is my fourth year with the Mentor Us program. I consider my Mentor Us relationships the most important component to my graduate school success, and new mentors continue to shape my journey as an NP.  As a Masters student, I was actively involved in the NGSA and Mentor US, held research and teaching assistant positions, and maintained a clinical practise (my RN practise was in organ transplants). My hobbies include traveling to sunny destinations, walking through the river valley with my fur-child, and watching too much reality TV. 


I am a PhD candidate in my 4th year of the PhD program at the Faculty of Nursing; my supervisor is Dr. Greta Cummings. I have a BSc. in Food, Nutrition and Health and a Master of Health Administration, both from the University of British Columbia. My research interests are health human resources, workforce planning and predictors of job retention among health professionals. I live in Edmonton with my husband, children and pets (1 dog, 2 cats). I love reading for pleasure, listening to podcasts and traveling.