Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

To apply, please complete the Mentor Application or Mentee Application on the Mentor Us website.

You can also email to request an application that can be filled out and sent back to us.

How will mentors and mentees be matched?

The matching of mentors to mentees will occur during the Faculty of Nursing Fall Orientation event, where mentees will meet mentors and make matching requests. For those not at the event, the leadership team uses the application form to facilitate matching of mentors and mentees.

What happens if mentors and mentees sign up for the program after the initial matching has taken place?

For mentees who sign up with the program at a later time, the matching process will be based on the mentee’s program stream and will be completed by the Mentor Us team. 

Do mentors provide academic tutoring and/or help with course work?

No. However, your mentor can help you find academic resources and tutoring services. 

What about confidentiality?

All conversations between mentors and mentees are confidential. However, if the mentor is concerned about self-harm or illegal activity, they will be required to report it. 

If a student has been a mentee, can he/she sign up as a mentor the following year?

Absolutely! We would encourage students who have been mentored to provide mentorship to others as they continue in their academic program. 

Can i be both a mentor and a mentee?

Yes! We understand you may be in a place in your program where you would like to mentor another student but are also looking for mentorship yourself.  If you feel this is you please fill out BOTH a mentor and mentee application to facilitate matching.